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I've checked that the site is functional in major browsers: IE6, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Avant. Let me know if you have any problems.

Toggle F11 in IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and Avantbrowser to get fullscreen
PRESS Ctrl+F5 to force page refresh on proxy servers e.g. ntl:
Text Size: Use your browser to increase font size to required size:
For the recommended browsers Mozilla and Firefox
view>increase or, hold down Ctrl and press the + to zoom in (to decrease text size Ctrl -)
For Opera use the numeric keypad + or - to zoom in or out at 10% steps
For Avantbrowser View>Text Size
For Internet Explorer hold down Ctrl and press + to zoom in

Useful software & web sites I recommend:

(Any site you visit is outside the Godmanchester site and no responsibility can be taken for content)

  • Do you need help in safe internet use for you or your children? Check the Government site here and you can also get guidance on scams from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) site here

  • Firefox - open source free browser replacement. Firefox is much faster than Internet Explorer, more secure and includes tabbed browsing. It is regularly updated and people have downloaded it since November 2005. I highly recommend it. Also try this forum for hints & tips on using Firefox and see the additional benefits you can access via Version 2.0, even safer still and outperforms Internet Explorer7
  • Care to try out a Beta? Firefox 3 Beta now available with a range of improvements including full-page zooming so that images and graphics zoom as well as the text size. Get it here...

  • Get Firefox! Get Thunderbird!
  • Thunderbird - open source free e-mail client. You can replace Outlook Express with this more secure e-mail client which includes Junk handling and Spell Checking - after you have installed from the link above, visit http://dictionaries.mozdev.org/installation.html to get the English UK dictionary, right click on the link to Save Link as... then in Thunderbird use Tools>Extensions>Install browse to where you saved the dictionary and there you go! Join the 3million others who have downloaded it.
  • TopCashback
  • Top Cashback - this site covers many highstreet brands, but, you get a % back on your purchase. So, still use your favourite retailers (and more) and get cashback. This does work and is not a scam.

  • Google Picasa - find, organise and modify your photos and other images... make life a little easier!
  • Check the speed of your internet connection.
  • CD/DVD Burner software - no need to purchase Nero etc when you can use this free version - CDBurner Pro

  • ZoneAlarm Free Firewall - ZoneLabs recently updated to a new version

  • AVG Free Antivirus - GriSoft commercial version has now released the AVG free one. Version 7.5 will not be supported after May 2008 Update to Free Version 8 now from its own web site here

  • Sheilds Up! - Steve Gibson's site which will check your PC's security online.

  • Tired of Spam?
    • MailWasher to clear out spam e-mail before you download from the server - this is available for a 30 day free trial, but the free version is no longer available (Purchase cost approx. £20).

  • Ad-aware - removes spyware, with the free Ad-Aware SE

  • Spybot - removes spyware

  • Can't find a thing to watch on TV? I've found DigiGuide an excellent tool to plan your viewing. Try a 30 day free trial here
    DigiGuide TV listings for UK, Eire and USA

  • In addition to the open source browser and e-mail client above, you can avoid the high costs of software and ensure everyone is using the same version (on Windows, Linux, MAC etc) by utilizing open source products such as:

    • OpenOffice - open source office suite - fully compatible with Microsoft (WORD, Excel, PowerPoint) but FREE! Excellent and I recommend it. OpenOffice.org community celebrates its 7th anniversary October 2007, with 104 million downloads of the open source productivity suite. Today, the open source project OpenOffice.org celebrates its 7th birthday. Founded by Sun Microsystems on October 13th, 2000, continues to experience tremendous growth. The project recently counted 104 million downloads from its website, and downloads have been increasing since the release of OpenOffice.org 2.3 last month. It is widely considered the most important open source productivity suite and one of the largest open source projects.

      OpenOffice.org is available in more than 80 languages and runs natively on every major platform; it uses the ISO standard, the OpenDocument Format, for its files. Thousands from around the world contribute to its ongoing success, helping with the development, localisation, documentation, user support and marketing of the program. "OpenOffice.org is being developed around the world, and it is being used around the world by governments, businesses and individuals", said Florian Effenberger, Marketing Project Co-Lead of OpenOffice.org. "The community has achieved what few predicted seven years ago, and we have just begun!"

      In addition to its founder and main contributor Sun Microsystems, OpenOffice.org is also recognizes the contributions of RedFlag Software, IBM, Red Hat, and Novell, among others. OpenOffice.org welcomes the contributions of all organizations and individuals.

      OpenOffice.org 2.3 can be found at http://download.openoffice.org/2.3.0/
      Links to community and professional support, templates, books, etc., can be obtained from http://support.openoffice.org
       Use OpenOffice.org

    • The GIMP free graphics software to create or manipulate images. Version 2 for Windows now available.

    • Multiple Image Resizer .NET - From Acumen, this package allows you to batch process digital images. For example, take your digital photographs and resize & optimise for web viewing in one step.

    • Even more Open Source software for Windows is listed at TheOpenCD.org highly recommended

    • TurboCASH open source free accounting package
  • Why not use your PC to assist the UK climate modeling prediction initiative?

  • Penguin Internet Ltd - Web Hosting & Domains for good value hosting, domain registration and add-ons for your own web site (of course I use them for this site!). They provide an excellent level of customer support and the complete range of hosting accounts from simple requirements like this through to resellers. They have REAL customer service and I recommend you consider their inclusive options which meet most needs.

  • Skype free Internet calls VoIP - free calls over the internet to your PC from Skype providing very clear sound. Or, use SkypeOut to reach normal phones worldwide which is much cheaper than a foreign call.

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