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Residents' Information
Max Cashback

Updated 6 December 2009

The majority of this web site is aimed at the residents of the town, but the following items may be particularly useful to you. The comments are my personal views, (Stuart Bond):

Godmanchester Swimming Pool

The school web site now lists the timetable (see Pool button). It is suggested you call between 0900-2100 to confirm details or Hire of the Facilities for Parties, please visit the pool, or phone 01480 375 145.

Other things to do and places to visit

Crime and Prevention in Godmanchester

Youth Initiatives in Godmanchester

New skate park equipment

Efforts are being made to alliviate the issues of vandalism caused by boredom amongst the young people here. It needs participation by young people themselves and adults to actively support the initiatives underway.

Live the Dream Young People's project - are you 8-16 & looking for fun and trips out? Are you an adult able to volunteer to support the development of Godmanchester's Young People? Check out this scheme here

Godmanchester Teenagers - positive comments from 2003

Football in the Streets

In a community we all need to strike a balance between needs so as a whole, it is a place we can all enjoy irrespective of age. HDC has released guidance on the issue of football within our streets for both residents and the young people who need to play and burn-off their energy. See the PDF file here (300kb)

Parental Support

Parent Direct: Are you finding the demands of home and working life difficult to balance? Do you need information on entitlements such as maternity and paternity leave? If so Parent Direct can help.
Parent Direct is a new service that provides parents with FREE information and advice on:

  • Time off for family including maternity, paternity and adoption leave
  • Flexible working, the options and how to apply
  • Family care information – details on childcare in the local area
  • Financial support

We can explain your entitlements, help you spot the best option, and assist you with any paperwork along the way.
Tel: 0800 29 89 121 or www.opp-links.org.uk

Financial and Money Issues

We can all benefit from improvements to our finances and to make the money work harder for us no matter what the economic state may be. See a few ideas and downloadable spreadsheets for household budgeting here

Godmanchester Charities

The Trustees of Godmanchester Charities have available an annual sum of money which they use to make grants to young people who normally live in the town and who have been working or studying for at least six months, to help with the purchase of tools, equipment, books or study materials. he applicants must attend the Trustees meeting at the Town Hall. For details contact:
Mr Alan Welton, 10 Bergamont Close, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, PE29 2LY


Much of the newer housing in Godmanchester was built with the deliberate retention of the original hedgerows. This provides a distinct visual aspect of the town, and a means of maintaining the environment necessary for the wildlife which is even more important when you consider Cambridgeshire has the least trees and hedges for any English County. So consider retaining the hedge in your garden to make sure the wrens, finches, tits and buntings etc have a resource necessary to maintain the population. Here is an article and advice on how you can help.


Why not consider joining the Master Composters? More details on the scheme for Cambridgeshire

Energy Efficiency

You can get advice and assessment of your current energy consumption and saving opportunities at the Government backed web site of the Energy Saving Trust. You can also get details on grants to offset costs of insulation etc.

Flood Plains and Flooding

The River Great Ouse provides Godmanchester with a wonderful amenity and setting. However, there is increasing concern over the potential for flooding in the region and the Environment Agency have produced maps indicating the maximum extent of flood plains. In addition to the maps you should read carefully the detailed information the Agency provides on these maps and in particular comment on the flood defences. The Town Council has a Working Party addressing flooding in Godmanchester, contact the Town Office.

2005: Note that the flood plains maps have been updated for Godmanchester. Unfortunately changes at the Environment Agency site means you will have to click through from UK map to zoom in to Godmanchester.

2006: Specific information received from the Environment Agency for residents.

This page provides some basic information on the flood warning service, and provides links explaining the flood warning codes that we use, and what they mean.

This page details the flood watches, warnings and severe flood warnings that are currently in force nationally. The page is updated every 15 minutes, and gives a good idea of what is happening locally, or (for example) if anything is developing immediately upstream of Godmanchester.

Provides links to information on how to prepare for floods, and are electronic copies (.pdf) of some of the brochures. Some of the graphics have not reproduced well, so you may wish to obtain original copies.

Recycling in Godmanchester - "Let's keep GMC Green & Clean"

Recycling centres in this area are run by the County Council. This page will give you details on the three centres they require us to use now that Brampton has been closed. Cambs County site

There are facilities also in Bridge Place car park just under the A14 in Godmanchester for some items. Recycle-more web site allows you to search for locations dependent upon the material you wish to recycle, more here

You can reach the HDC Recycling Officer via Tel 388 368 and get details on recycling in Huntingdonshire here

For details of RECAP, the Recycling in Cambridge and Peterbough region check their informative web site.

Details on Recycling and other guides can be found here from Guides Network

Stop Junk Mail arriving through your letter box

To avoid the torrent of junk mail, and subsequent waste it generates simply visit the web site or call the mailing preference service. For more information on how to make junk mail a thing of the past contact the mailing preference service on 0845 7034599 or visit www.mpsonline.org.uk.

Stop Telesales calls to your number

To eliminate the calls from national companies selling everything from double glazing to free holidays etc, simply visit the Telephone Preference Service and provide your details at www.tpsonline.org.uk We found this worked very well and after about three-four months received virtually no telesales calls.

"It is now a legal obligation for anyone making direct marketing calls to ensure they do not call individuals who have registered their wish not to be called."

Royal Mail

The Royal Mail web site is www.royalmail.com and their Customer Care Line T: 08457 740 740. The independent watchdog is Postwatch T:08456 013265

Twenty 16 - The new Local Plan for Huntingdonshire. Visit the HDC web site to complete their questionnaire on the issues facing our area and how we may address them. The information is located at this page (note loss of frames from within HDC site visit www.huntsdc.gov.uk to retain them).

My personal view is that the changes are significantly less than elsewhere in the South East and adjacent regions in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. We must ensure suitable housing is available for both first time buyers and for the increasing number of smaller householders (i.e. people from the area who wish to remain here but perhaps live alone). We should, therefore, seek the highest quality of development with pressure applied to the developers to maximise the environmental quality of developments, including photovoltaic cells, solar panels, insulation standards far in excess of requirements, high quality street lighting with minimal light polution etc. We can try to ensure that the present hedgerows which are very much a part of Godmanchester acting as havens for local wildlife are retained and provision made to assist in their upkeep for future generations within the context of housing developments.

These developments can be accommodated on brown field sites, but issues such as adequate parking (including garages large enough to park modern saloon cars) should be highlighted to avoid the worse excesses in dense urban style developments with cars parked on every available patch of ground.

Whether you agree with me or not, you should take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire on the Hunts DC web site.

Contact The Elderly - HELP DRIVE AWAY LONELINESS Put a smile into Sundays

For many elderly people, Sunday is the loneliest day of the week. Often restricted to their homes by illness or immobility, they lose the opportunity to attend church or meet with friends. A simple idea to ease loneliness amongst pensioners in Cambridgeshire is being set up by national charity Contact the Elderly. Help is needed from local volunteer drivers and hosts. What are you doing on Sunday?

Once a month Contact the Elderly groups meet regularly for Sunday tea and companionship. Each member is assigned a volunteer driver and together they become part of a small group invited to a volunteer host's home for tea. A different host is visited each month, but the group remains the same and relationships grow. This service is a lifeline for some who spend days on their own with no one to turn to.

The search is on for :
DRIVERS with cars and an afternoon to spare ONCE A MONTH
HOSTS willing to put on a simple tea in their home for about eight older people ONCE A YEAR. The only requirements are easy access, a downstairs toilet and a large teapot!

“The time I feel most lonely is after six o’clock, but when I’ve been out to a Contact tea I don’t feel lonely at all – just fresh memories of a lovely afternoon with friends. It’s good getting out and being with people… and it’s made such a difference to my life.”
Harold Asquith, 89

Do you know anyone who might benefit from this FREE service?

FREEPHONE 0800 716543 or visit www.contact-the-elderly.org Registered Charity No 244681

Participate in the Patient and Public Involvement in Health

Your local ‘Patient and Public Involvement in Health Forum’ is looking for new members in your area. If you have some time on your hands and are a user of the NHS, which most of us are, you are eligible. You don’t need to have a background in healthcare, merely an interest in it. A short article is here in PDF.

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