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The Railway in Godmanchester
Max Cashback

Imagine being able to look over where the A14 now blots our landscape and see the site of a Steam train travelling between Godmanchester and St Ives...

This to many folk living in Godmanchester would still be a memorable sight as Godmanchester station was closed in 1959. The Great Northern Line was opened in 1830 but the line between Godmanchester and St Ives was not built until 1847 and designed to link with the existing St Ives to Cambridge route. Godmanchester was not connected to Huntingdon until 1875.

The line did not prove very popular with the local Godmanchester people and was temporarily replaced with a Horse drawn carriage in 1850. The stand off was not settled until 1856 when a full service was resumed. The railway would have provided a valuable source of employment within the community. The station was very busy with both travellers and commercial passengers using the local flour mill of Brown & Goodman’s.

Godmanchester Railway Station

The station was situated where the District Council now have their yards, next to RGE Engineering. Another piece of Godmanchester history gone for ever.

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