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Books and pamphlets about Godmanchester

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A brief search through the the Biritish Library, the Society of Antiquaries, the Bodleian Library, Oxford and the Cambridge University Library produces a short reading list on the town’s history. Peter Heseltine.

A letter from the Particular Baptist Church, at Godmanchester, to their Pastor, Mr. T. S. Freeman; : containing a report of their late proceedings in reference to various aspersions of Mr. F.'s character, which have been circulated by Mr. Edward Martin.

And, also, a letter from Mr. Freeman, in reply to the church.. Huntingdon. Printed by Thomas Lovell, Bookseller, &c. (1817)

A faithful standard bearer : exemplified in Thomas Stevens Freeman who ... formed the Particular Baptist Church at Godmanchester, also, The early history of the church and a brief memoir of Fanny Freeman ... by T.Pack (19..)

Settlement, burial and industry in Roman Godmanchester: excavations in the extramural area; The Parks 1998, London Road 1997-8, and other investigations / edited by Alex Jones (2003)

In the House of Lords. On appeal Leonard Taylor Simpson [appellant] v. Godmanchester Corporation and J. I. Tysoe [respondent] (1896)

The History of Godmanchester in the County of Huntingdon : comprising its antient, modern, municipal, and ecclesiastical history, Robert Fox

The Borough of Huntingdon & Godmanchester: official handbook, Philip G. M. Dickinson. (1969-1978)

Hitler's uranium club: the secret recordings at Farm Hall, Jeremy Bernstein with foreword by David Cassidy.(1995)

Operation Epsilon: the Farm Hall transcripts, introducedby Sir Charles Frank. (c1993) Translated transcripts of the conversations of German scientists detained at Farm Hall, Godmanchester, from June to December 1945.

A Small Town in late Medieval England : Godmanchester, 1278-1400 / by J.A. Raftis. (c1982)

Early Tudor Godmanchester: survivals and new arrivals, J. A. Raftis. (c1990)

Godmanchester, H. J. M. Green (1977) History, gazetteer and directory of the county of Huntingdon : comprising a general survey of the county: and embracing separate historical descriptions of the united boroughs of Huntingdon and Godmanchester ...: to which are added, brief accounts
of the University of Cambridge, and the Diocese of Ely. J. Hatfield (1854)

A Survey made of the town and lands in Huntingdon, 10th day of May 1572 in the 15th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth edited by Philip G.M. Dickinson. (1972).

Three other useful sources are:
Huntingdonshire, Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England), 1926
The Buildings of England: Bedfordshire, Huntingdon & Peterborough, Nicholas Pevsner, 1968
The King’s England: Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire, Arthur Mee, 1973

The index search at the main libraries in the country also throws up a number of books and periodicals written by local authors or published in the
town. These include:
A Stone in the Brook by W. Brown (1850)
Fairground Steam Engines, by J.L.Middlemiss (1999)
Dream Magazine (and subsequent titles) – Britain’s Alternative Science Fiction
Magazine (1988 – 1991), Chuff and the teddy bears' party by M.J.Pumphrey (1997)
Playtimes magazine (1977 – 1984) and other books on children’s play, games and playgrounds.
The Girl from Godmanchester by Doris Hughes (1934)
God in Creation, Redemption, Judgment and Consummation by A.E.Saxby (1932)
Medley of Birthdays Collected by E. F. A. Baumgartner Pomona (1911)
Monitoring the Godmanchester Vestas V27-225 wind turbine by J.P.Palutikof (1995)
Heraldry on Brass and Engravers of Brasses, Brasses of Huntingdonshire and Brasses of Cambridgeshire by Peter Heseltine

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