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Girlguiding and Scouting in Godmanchester
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"A great way for young girls and women to have fun”.

Contacts: District Commissioner: Mrs Helen Hayden - 01480 350 420
Waiting List Co-ordinator : Mrs Belinda Simpson – 01480 393 593

Rainbows are a group of girls aged 5-7-years-old, the youngest in Girlguiding UK. Rainbows meet weekly and take part in all sorts of activities in and out of doors - exploring, sharing and discovering. They have their own adventures and also learn to be kind and helpful to others. Rainbows play games, paint, draw and make things. They enjoy listening to stories and singing songs. At each meeting there is time for Rainbows to share their news with others. Godmanchester has three Rainbow Units:1st Godmanchester, 2nd Godmanchester & 3rd Godmanchester

Being a Brownie is all about having a great time and loads of fun! You've just got to be a girl aged seven or over. A Brownie Pack meets most weeks. The Pack is made up of small groups called Sixes. Meetings are full of activities and include suggestions from the Brownies themselves. There are opportunities for them to learn new and practical skills and by taking part in games they discover how to be part of a team. Brownies can earn badges for doing their best to meet special Challenges. They can also work for a wide range of interest badges. There may also be special activities and events at the weekend or during school holidays. The highlight of the year is often the Brownie holiday or camp. Godmanchester has three Brownie Packs: 1st Godmanchester, 2nd Godmanchester and 3rd Godmanchester

Guides are usually aged between ten and fourteen. Being a Guide is all about belonging to a group, learning new skills, making new friends and helping others. Each Guide is encouraged to achieve her own personal goals through a progressive programme with the opportunity to work for a wide variety of badges. This allows the girl to mature and develop at her own pace. Guides work together in Patrols, groups of four to eight girls, providing a ready-made group of friends and helping the girls to feel that they belong to something special. They elect their own leader. A Patrol plans its own activities with the support of the Guide Guider so that each Guide learns to share in decisions that affect herself and others in the Patrol. Godmanchester has one Guide Unit: 1st Godmanchester

Rangers is one of the many choices for Senior Section members. Although you're still part of a uniformed group within Girlguiding UK, things couldn't be more different!. In Rangers the emphasis is on doing what you want, when you want and how you want! In addition to doing lots of stuff with your Ranger group, you can also join other groups within Guiding and outside, such as Duke of Edinburgh's Award groups and Queen's Guides. If you fancy helping out in a unit or even leading one, there's loads of opportunities open to Rangers. As members of the Senior Section you may also have the opportunity to represent the Association around the world at conferences, exhibitions, camps and on service projects. There is one Senior Section / Ranger Unit: 1st Godmanchester



1st Godmanchester Scout Group
The 1st Godmanchester Scout Group is a well established group and caters for the Scouting needs of the young of Godmanchester. The aim of the Scout Association is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full potential as individuals and responsible citizens. But most of all it’s about having fun! For more information contact the section leaders or if you would be interested in joining or helping our leadership team.

Leader names might change during the year, in which case please contact Steve Harris Tel 383 354.
Beavers: For Boys aged 6-8 years. Contact: Lori Funge
Cubs: Boys aged 8-10 ½ years. Contact Karen Laws Tel 350 604
Scouts: Boys aged 10½ -14 years. Contact: Steve Harris Tel 383 354

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