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Events & Diary Dates
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Listing of Events in Godmanchester

Check the forum where you can post details for local (non-commercial) groups about their own events, both regular meetings and special activities.In addition, below are details of the regular Community Association Meetings and Town Council Meetings.

Details about other events, places to visit, eat & drink and accommodation in the Huntingdonshire area
can be obtained from the Huntingdon Tourist Information Centre in the Library Foyer, Princes Street, Huntingdon.
Tel 01480 388 588, Hunts.TIC@huntsdc.gov.uk and www.huntsleisure.org


Godmanchester Community Association Meetings

GMC Community Association Regularly Meet
8pm at The Comrades Club Second Thursday in the Month.

All are welcome to attend, so please come along and join in. There is no requirement to be a member of the Comrades Club, but you'll get chance to see their facilities. Come and talk with us about organising things on Gala Day or an event in Gala Week, and any other ideas you have for events / activities here in GMC.

Other event details can be found in the forum section

 A view from the Recreation Ground to the Chinese Bridge - (c) S Bond 1999

Godmanchester Town Council Meetings 2009

Commence 7:30pm on Thursdays
at the Town Hall (by the Chinese Bridge)

The Town Council meeting dates are listed below and are open to public and press attendance. Meetings are "Gowned"and provide the opportunity for the public to ask questions. Minutes from previous meetings are available here.

Details About Town Council
Minutes and other documents


OCTOBER Thursday 15 Town Council GOWNED

NOVEMBER Sunday 8 Remembrance Day GOWNED
Thursday 19 Town Council GOWNED

DECEMBER Thursday 10 Town Council Public GOWNED

This list was issued on 18 September 2008. Town Council meetings are held in the Town Hall
starting at 7.30pm and are open to the public and press. Where a meeting is annotated as GOWNED
there is a short break at 9.00pm to allow questions from members of the public. For all meetings if a
member of the public wishes to address the Town Council, they should advise the Town Clerk before
the start of the meeting.



JANUARY Wednesday 6 Planning
Thursday 14 Town Council

FEBRUARY Wednesday 3 Planning
Thursday 11 Town Council

MARCH Wednesday 10 Planning
Thursday 18 Town Council

APRIL Wednesday 7 Planning
Thursday 15 Town Council

MAY Wednesday 12 Planning
Tuesday 18 Annual Town Meeting
(chairs of working parties deliver a short verbal report Meeting will be in QES from 8pm)
MAYOR MAKING Thursday 20 Annual Meeting

JUNE Wednesday 9 Planning
Thursday 17 Town Council

JULY Wednesday 7 Planning
Thursday 15 Town Council

AUGUST Wednesday 11 Planning
Thursday 19 Town Council

SEPTEMBER Wednesday 8 Planning
Thursday 16 Town Council
Sunday 26 Civic Service

OCTOBER Wednesday 13 Planning
Thursday 21 Town Council

NOVEMBER Wednesday 10 Planning
Sunday 14 Remembrance Day
Thursday 18 Town Council

DECEMBER Wednesday 1 Planning
Wednesday 8 Switch on of Christmas Lights/Carols on School Hill
Thursday 9 Town Council

This list was issued on 9 October 2009. Town Council meetings are held in the Town Hall
starting at 7.30pm and are open to the public and press. All meetings are GOWNED, and a
formal session for public participation will take place at each meeting.


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