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Pulp – But Not Fiction

Max Cashback
On a summers evening The Pearce Hire crew arrived at the Kent National Trust site, for the beginning of the 2002 Forest Tour. Along with Jools Holland, this year's other performers were Pulp (yes those common people). It was the first time I would see the band and hadn’t heard a lot of their music. It had been raining heavy for some time in the weeks leading up to the show. So on arrival we found that the lorries could not get anywhere near front of stage (the old leg work again). Our job was to supply power and lighting for the whole of the tour. This included various other sites across the UK. Set up time was approximately 3 days for a weekend show. Pulp entertaining on the Saturday and Jools Holland on the Sunday.

The morning of the event came along with the large tour bus, parked as close to the stage as possible to save any superstar unnecessary walking. Backstage had been sealed and only “access all area” passes permitted. As you all know, last year was World Cup year and England were playing Denmark. The hospitality tent was now the viewing area on a small portable TV that had been borrowed out of the security tent. So there we were myself, Jarvis and the rest of the band (no name dropping there then). Watching England cruise to the next round 3-0 put everyone in a great mood before the evening show. As night drew in and the supporting acts start, the crowd builds to a near sell out. Pulp arrives on stage to be greeted by the customary beer can hurled at Jarvis to be greeted by a typical Jarvis response. Straight in to the old hits “Trees” and “Help the aged”, saving the big hit “Common people” for the encore and the crowd go wild.

The Pulp set was completed by Jarvis with no shoes on, strange but true! The band finished, it’s time for them to depart into the hospitality tent, to get legless if required. While the rest of us humble roadies pack away guitars, mic stands, amps and load into the Pulp truck on its way to the next gig. Meanwhile the tour bus sets off travelling overnight to the next gig. As we reach our hotel about 2.00am you can’t help but think “Welcome to the real world of rock n roll”.

2003 will see me on the Forest Tour bringing on the “Quo”. Gordon Allgood

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