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The LINK Scheme - Appeal for Carers
Max Cashback

Any parent can have a child with disabilities, and although many families find caring for their disabled child rewarding, it can also be very hard work. Finding time to do "ordinary" things with other members of the family can sometimes be impossible.

The LINK Scheme is one of the County Council's services for children and aims to link children who have a learning and/or physical disability to individuals willing to offer help, support and friendship. The purpose of this scheme is to support families in looking after their disabled child at home. The child would normally visit the carer's home for a short period of time such as one weekend each month.

The LINK Scheme knows of children in your area who need this type of help, and are seeking many more carers. CAN YOU HELP?

No formal qualifications are necessary, you simply need time, patience and an understanding and caring attitude towards other people. A sense of humour helps too! A small tax-free allowance is paid to cover expenses.

If you feel you can help please phone the LINK Scheme on 01480 376 404.
Sue Fuller and Lorraine Kaka of Homefinders Link Scheme at Cambs County Council would be pleased to discuss this with you.

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