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The Great Godmanchester Sausage
Max Cashback

Yes who would have believed that there really was a Godmanchester sausage?

This is the greatest secret known only to those folk old enough to remember the days of Browns the Butchers, then situated on Cambridge Street.

The Browns sausage as it's commonly called is famous for its truly great taste and its very secret recipe. The original recipe was developed by Neville Markham, but has always been a closely guarded secret.

Rumour has it that Mr Tatman on Mr Browns retirement was locked away for hours in secret negotiations, wrestling away the recipe so as to continue, The Great Godmanchester banger tradition.

When Mr Tatman decided to hang up his apron, he left the sausage legacy at Tim’s where the famous sausage is still produced today.

Forget your Lincolnshire’s, forget your Walls, when next in your local butchers ask Tim Thomas for a pound of the best kept secret in Godmanchester and enjoy the best taste in the world.

Gordon Allgood

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