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Godmanchester Community School - 50th Anniversary, 2004
Max Cashback

The celebrations of 1954 - 2004 have begun and will continue until the end of the year. Phil Ellington summarises the history.

Godmanchester County School was built on its spacious site in 1954, starting with four junior classes, the infants having been left at the St Ann’s Lane building. The Headteacher, Miss Thackray was responsible for both sites. A HMI (inspector) who visited at the time reported that the brisk seven minute walk between the two parts of school was acceptable!

The present photograph display in the school hall is well worth a viewing, you may even be able to help identify people and events. Our hope is to produce a book, with local help, highlighting past school events, this will be given to the County Records Office for use in another fifty years time.

The school was extended in the 1960s to accommodate the infants and again in the 1980s as the town grew. Many children have passed through the changing school entrances as pupils and now as parents.

From County School to the present Community Primary the children of Godmanchester have enjoyed exceptional facilities and staff to encourage their talents and interests. Mr Lord introduced the steel band and started a musical tradition that continues to this day. The residential trips and expeditions to the seaside are still an important part of our broad education. Mr Brown provided the sporting opportunities and a pool for the whole community to enjoy. All the children learn to swim and our pupils represent Cambridgeshire in County galas.

The many staff who have and still continue to serve the community understand, that at the heart of the school are the people who have lived part of their lives in it, making history. We hope that by recording those memories and celebrating the successes we will show we have a history and a school to be proud of.

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