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A trip to Aberdeen

Max Cashback

‘Good News,’ my husband said one day,
‘We have the chance to go away
To leave the things we have to clean
And go post haste to Aberdeen.
Our NATO friends of long ago
Alarmed at how the time doth flow
Have all agreed to re-unite
And have a get together, right!’

As Aberdeen is well, quite far
We vowed we would not go by car
But rather go by train instead
“‘Twould be a change and rest,” we said.
So very soon our course was set
Booked quickly on the internet.

The tickets came, we packed our bags
As usual I got lots of nags
For having far too many clothes
Jumpers, trousers panti-hose.
But I had told a Scottish Chap
That Aberdeen was on our map.

‘Och well,’ he said, ‘Make sure you take
Warm waterproofs, and for goodness sake
Do not forget a large umbrella.’
I thought,’ Well what a helpful fella.’

So off we went to catch the train
Quite early to avoid predicted rain
The booking seemed to be quite thorough,
As we were soon in Peterborough.
We’d loads of time for our connection
And spent the time in pleasant reflection
About how good it was to spy
The countryside go speeding by
Instead of getting stressed all day
While driving on the motorway.
And so it was that further on
We left the train at Darlington
For that is what the ticket stated,
And that was where our troubles started.

The man at the enquiries place
Had a very helpful smiley face
But said that we had been misguided
And gently speaking he confided
That we should have stayed upon the
And would have to wait again
For the next train to Newcastle
To get to Edinburgh. No hassle!
I counted the hairs in my husband’s beard
Till at last a train appeared.
And it wasn’t long at all before
We had to get out of our seats once
My number of puzzles completed grew
But I cannot say that time just flew
However at last the train drew in
And the next part of our journey could

Now owing to Richard Branson’s guile
Introducing nice new trains to our isle
A lot of work on the track must be done
As the trains don’t fit the existing one.
And so it was that on this day
The workers were working come what
So our trip to Edinburgh took a while

As we had to do it via Carlisle.

We ordered a sandwich and bottle of wine
As nowadays you cannot dine
‘And wine is usually sold by the glass
As we haven’t a corkscrew,’ said the lass.
‘Fear not,’ said I as with a grin
I took a corkscrew from within
My handbag, which was on the seat
Our sandwich lunch was now complete.
We passed the time during our ride
Admiring the lovely countryside.

We waited an hour at Edinburgh station
Watching the board for information
In case they changed the platform
We really couldn’t afford to slumber.
At last we thought,’ The end’s in sight,’
As we boarded the tiny train that night.
But no, it stopped at every station
Telegraph pole and light with red on.
The scenery was a good distraction
As we made our way slowly to Aberdeen

We staggered into the booked hotel
After a taxi ride with the driver from hell.
We had no time to find our room
But found our way through the gathering
To the party meeting and greeting with
Before the group was ready to dine.
Well met! What ho! How are you both?
Did you have a good journey? We were
To destroy the image of British Rail
So it was later we told the tale
Of our interesting journey from A to B
And the journey back?! We would wait
and see.

Copyright © Godmanchester Community Association 2005

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