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The Gables
Archived items
Max Cashback

Listed below are items which are now archived, but which may remain of interest to people looking back at what we have done in the recent past, including the items related to the Millennium Celebrations etc.

Bascraft Way - Now The Laurels Respite Home to provide carers with chance to have a short break.

Crossroads Care - The Huntingdonshire branch providing support to carers

The Godmanchester Salvation Army

GMC on the web - a bit of history relating to the early days of this site!
Community Association Chairman's Report from 2001

Mark Chandler - GMC Mini Racer
Carol Godley - GMC Mayor in 1999

Bearscroft Lane:
The plans and football in 1999
The developments and football in 2000
The results in 2001

Millennium Events - what we did in 2000!
The Churches Ecumenical Millennium Celebration

SUSTRANS - the national cycle network in this area 1999

The Skatepark
The initial appeal in 2000
The outome in 2001

CHUMMS Statement from 2001


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